About Me

Matthew Rhode was born April 19th, 1982 in Louisville, Kentucky. At the tender age of 4, he was introduced to, and fell in love with, video games. A hobby that he never tired from and devoted most of his free time to. Matthew’s mother quickly realized that he was not likely to grow up to be a man that takes orders from anyone.

After graduating The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, he hit the audition circuit in NYC. He landed TV commercials for Powerade, and JC Penney, and radio spots for Progressive Insurance and Chevron. He also voiced various characters in the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto V. Weary from the hard work he did in construction, Matthew looked for new ways to earn money to survive in the Big Apple. Having played World of Warcraft for years under the name “Ducksauce”, a friend introduced him to Twitch.tv. A website dedicated to live streaming video gaming. He decided to give it a shot and start a broadcast from his rundown bedroom in NYC, complete with a leaky ceiling and mold.

Within months, Ducksauce had caught momentum. After months of hard work, he was awarded the option of having paying subscribers and skyrocketed to one of Twitch’s top streams. He gained notoriety for his resonating voice, huge 6’6″ frame, high spirited game play, comedic commentary, and morning talk show style.

Due to the success of his popular broadcast, Matthew was tapped to be an influencer for ESL, CBS Interactive, St. Jude, GameStop, Geico, Totinos, TRUTH, Doritos, Mountain Dew, and XBOX. Because of the success of these campaigns, Ducksauce was used in two site wide Twitch commercials. Just as his mother had guessed, he had become a successful entrepreneur. Realizing he could make a lucrative living off his broadcast, and the sponsorship deals that came with it, he decided to move from NYC to Los Angeles to continue to broaden his broadcast horizons and pursue his career in acting and voice overs.

After a month on the west coast, he met TV star/model Adrianne Curry while she was broadcasting on Twitch. They teamed up in both romance and business to form a gaming power couple. They now share a home and work with one another on branding, new media, and television projects, as well as his stream.

At the urging of Adrianne, among many of his fans, Matthew signed up for a weekly voice over class to see if he could pursue it further than the few spots he had booked prior. Being told he had a million dollar voice, he took a chance and created two demo reels to present to agents. Within a month, Vanessa Gilbert brought Matthew on at TGMD Talent, one of the top voice over agencies in Los Angeles! He was told that movie trailers were the top tier of voice overs and that it would be difficult to get into. In typical “Ducksauce” fashion, Matthew landed Paul Wintner as a manger, the head of Wintner Artists, one of the most prestigious voice over talent houses in the world! He booked his first job within a month for the new season of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO.

Figuring out how to stream as Ducksauce on Twitch and audition for voice overs as Matthew Rhode for both TGMD and Wintner Artists has proved to be a challenge. However, Matthew has pressed on, finding a unique balance of preserving his own business as well as pursuing the golden ticket in the world of voice overs.


Live Stream





+ CPU: i7 6950x
+ RAM: 32GB
+ GPU: 2x GTX 1080's
+ SSD: 512 GB
+ HDD: 4 TB


Audio Gear

+ Microphone – Bock 241 and Sennheiser MKH 416
+ Preamps - Avalon AD2022 and Avalon VT-737SP
+ Audio Interface – Lynx Hilo
+ Sound Booth – 8x6x7 isolation booth


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